The Challenge of Virtual Leadership

The pandemic and other numerous uncertainties that hit us have overturned normal working into a mix of remote and on-site workforce strategies for most industries. Leading your organization in this setup requires refreshed leadership skills to manage performance and effectively lead people. 

Our Program

Our Leading in the Virtual Workplace program aims to equip you with the relevant skills, tools and mindset needed to effectively manage teams and their performance regardless of their work environment. 

By the end of the program, you will be able to navigate the virtual leadership space through key facilitation skills to help achieve your team and the organization's desired performance. 

Our Approach

This program take a blended learning approach across four (4) modules covering key areas of successful virtual leadership: 

  • Managing Performance 
  • Engaging the Team 
  • Conducting Meetings 
  • Facilitating Daily Conversations 

Recommended for

First time and seasoned managers who are leading teams in a virtual or hybrid environment. 

Ready to navigate the virtual leadership space?